About Agrival

Agrival provides desktop market assessments Australia-wide for agribusiness related purposes.

We do not physically inspect the property, we use our cutting edge imagery and analysis technology to assess the property and speak discretely with the farmer over the phone to grasp a thorough and in-depth assessment. Our panel of Agricultural Property Valuers are based Australia-wide, resulting in each market value assessment being completed by a local Valuer.  They then apply their specialised knowledge of the market providing an educated, unbiased assessment.

We are not an algorithm based solution, we are real people, there to guide you every step of the way to help you determine the financial assessment of your agricultural property thoroughly and efficiently.

We are real people

We are local Property Valuers

We are a low cost solution

We are efficient and timely in completing your report

We are educated on providing Agricultural Desktop Assessments

We are discrete in providing our Agricultural Desktop Assessments, no stickered vehicles

We are unbiased

We are not reliant on probability of accuracy

We are your solution

Meet the team

Here at Argival, our team are all local Property Valuers who have extensive experience in providing agricultural market assessments.


Why Agrival?

We are a team of local, educated Property Valuers who are passionate and qualified on providing Agricultural Desktop Assessments. We are able to provide you with an extensive and thorough report within 48 hours, given all requirements are met. We are your solution.

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