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What is an Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

Our Agricultural Desktop Assessment provides risk scoring over a range of issues individually crafted  for each property such as; market activity, market volatility, stock levels, selling periods, likely buyer profile, current use vs highest and best, commodity risk and commodity sentiment.

Additionally, our reports provide a unique stress test, which measures the value of the improvements versus the underlying land value, and assessing this against the market norms, to provide a highly visual graphic, clearly indicating low to high risk measures.

What documents do I need to provide when ordering an Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

If you are a financier, please email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Instructions incorporating a client ID, contact details of farmer, a brief description and estimated value
  • All titles and plans
  • Contract of Sale (if applicable)
  • Water Licences (if applicable)

(If you are not a financier, please click here to fill out our online enquiry form )

How does Agrival work?

Click here to view the Agrival process.

How long does it take to receive my report?

Given we receive all required documents and are able to reach the farmer in a timely manner, the turnaround time for a report is 48 hours.

I have multiple properties to be assessed. Can I request them on a single Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

Agrival cannot provide multiple Agricultural Desktop Assessments on the one report. Therefore, if you are requiring multiple Agricultural Desktop Assessments, they will need to be ordered separately (each holding a separate fee).

The property I need assessed is non-contiguous, can I order an Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

No. To comply with an Agricultural Desktop Assessment, all titles need to be contiguous (if not, multiple assessments need to be ordered).

My property is estimated over $5,000,000, can I request an Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

Agrival can only provide Agricultural Desktop Assessment up to $5,000,000 if assessed for financial institutions. For private entities, assessments higher than this value will be determined by our team’s discretion.

My property is landlocked; can I order an Agricultural Desktop Assessment?

No. To comply with an Agricultural Desktop Assessment, the property needs to have public road access.

What sort of information can I expect to find on the report?

The Agricultural Desktop Assessment report will provide information about the specific property and it’s improvements, water assets, environmental considerations, planning details, identifiable risks, sales evidence and a market assessment.  

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